Houston Highrise Loft

Houston being so eclectic in nature so goes the Houston loft apartments for rent. A unique category of lofts in Houston for rent is High-Rise loft building; combining both aspects of a highrise and loft. For example a historic hotel in Downtown was converted into a high-rise that offers both studio style warehouse loft apartments and they have soft loft apartments in 1 and 2 bedroom floor plans available. Other examples of this are present in a hospital renovation in the Medical Center where both hard and soft loft apartments are available at one property.

The term highrise loft can also be used to describe what would be better labeled as a high-rise studio space. Without exposed beams, brick, duct work or high ceilings a high rise “loft” really is better described as a studio. However, depending on who owns or lists the Houston lofts for lease, sale or rent the terms may be interchanged. Many Houston renters want a high-rise space for the views and community amenities, but also desire open spaces, the category meets both needs. One aspect of highrise loft apartment is very evident, traditional loft finishes are blended with luxury; this combination is very appealing for many Houston renters. Contact Lofts-Houston for a complete list of loft buildings.

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