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Herrin Lofts is a residential loft building that serves as a wonderful example of lofts in Houston for sale located in Downtown Houston, Texas. When it comes to Downtown Houston lofts for sale, there is no question that you have a ton of options. What you want to do then is focus your search for the perfect Houston TX loft building on the location and the features. When you know where you want to live in Houston, and when you know what you want from something like a residential loft, finding what you want is going to be at least a little bit easier.

Herrin Lofts is definitely going to impress. This five-story structure is one of the smaller Downtown Houston lofts for sale, but it still manages to offer over fifty units for sale. This residential loft building in Downtown Houston connects you to the extraordinary Business District of Downtown Houston, which features over thirty-five businesses throughout. That means that living in one of these lofts in Houston for sale located in Downtown Houston, Texas is going to connect you to everything the Downtown has to offer. You’re going to learn pretty quickly that this covers a seemingly endless range of bars, restaurants, shops, chain stores, museums, galleries, parks, sports facilities, metro lines, and everything you need for a definitive urban living experience.

Lofts Description

In terms of specific features at Herrin Lofts, there is definitely a lot to get excited about. Originally constructed in the 1900s, one of the first things you’re going to notice about this residential loft building is the fact that it offers a great example of the way many Downtown Houston lofts for sale endeavor to give you all the modern conveniences you could ever need, but without losing the vintage charm of the architecture. With these lofts in Houston for sale located in Downtown Houston, Texas, some of the major features include a central courtyard area with grand fountain, private balconies, exposed brick for the interior, double-pane windows, customized cabinets with lighting fixtures, stained concrete flooring, storage units, and beautifully high ceilings. A private parking lot is also available, and comprehensive security features are also included. The walls are also nicely soundproofed and insulated.

To learn more about Herrin Lofts, contact Vicky Cedillo, who has access to every high rise and loft property for sale or lease. For information on buying, selling or leasing high rise properties call or email Vicky Cedillo at cedillo.vicky@gmail.com or 832.966.4522.



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