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When it comes to lofts for sale in Downtown Houston, Stanford Lofts is definitely going to intrigue you. Loft condos in Downtown Houston, Texas definitely abound. You’re going to find yourself with a ton of options for loft condos in Houston, as well as throughout Downtown Houston. However, if you don’t know where to begin with Downtown Houston lofts for sale, start with The Stanford. Since 2002, it has done a fantastic job of standing as one of the great examples of loft condo buildings with dazzling architecture and unique features.

Downtown Houston is a wonder. Over thirty-five hundred businesses exist in the area. You can also look forward to enjoying a ton of parks, museums, galleries, and everything else you could ever want from a thriving downtown locale. Public transportation is also nicely-represented throughout Downtown Houston, with a variety of metro line spots available. The Theater District is just one example of the things to do in Downtown Houston that are available to you.

Lofts Description

Beyond the extraordinary versatility of the area itself, the lofts for sale in Downtown Houston are in a category all their own. Stanford Lofts is a great example of loft condos in Downtown Houston, Texas, with the building offering forty Downtown Houston lofts for sale. Although Stanford Lofts is one of the smaller loft buildings in Downtown Houston, Texas, you’re not going to feel like anything has been sacrificed. Throughout the six floors that make up this building, you will find high-quality red brick structure, huge windows, private balconies, high ceilings, open living areas, generous-sized rooms, and much more. There is a certainly a distinctive loft vibe to this building, but the modern stylings of the architecture will be clear to you from the very beginning. In addition to everything already mentioned with these Downtown Houston lofts for sale, you will also want to note that these lofts for sale in Downtown Houston offer private pools, access-control gating, residential parking, huge elevators, and some of the best views of the Houston skyline to be found anywhere in the entire city. The privacy walls between each of the units is also impressive, particularly when you consider that this is one of the more modest-sized loft condos in 77003.

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